EAS EM48 Controller 1
  • EAS E48-E Controller 1
  • ElectraStim Remote Controller Stimulator

    EAS EM48-E


    Controller makes the ideal substitute for remote-controlled sex toys, allowing your partner or dominant to discreetly pleasure or punish you without any give-away noises. You can enjoy motion-activated stimulation that moves in sympathy with your body for rhythmic tingling and contactions that push your pleasure to new heights. –

    Fans of BDSM will love Controller’s specialist settings that bring new life to slave training. Try our Trigger Mode for customized stimulation, Boost Mode for a high-power energy burst and motion-sympathetic stimulation that zaps your sub when they move.

    -Control your partner or submissive remotely – anywhere!
    -Long Range operation – up to 60 meters / 200 feet!
    -User friendly transmitter and receiver units
    -Multiple operating modes
    -Highly controllable stimulation – for the best stimulation

    -Microprocessor controlled transmitter and receiver units
    -Seven exciting stimulation patterns including escalating
    -Eighteen stimulation intensity levels
    -Intensity Boost Feature
    -Trigger/Zap Mode
    -Multi-directional high sensitivity movement sensor
    -Audible receive acknowledge beeper (can be muted)
    -Easy to use, no dials or switches
    -Ability to combine multiple transmitters/receivers
    -Leather belt pouch, adhesive pads, and batteries included!

    Need a tape measure? Click here to download ours! Just cut it out, tape it together and you're good to go!