EAS EM2172
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  • Electro Sex Paddle – Leather

    EAS EM2172


    Electro Stimulation?

    ElectraStim is a unique type of sexual stimulation product due to the fact that, unlike normal sex toys that vibrate or rotate, ElectraStim directly stimulates your nerve endings using carefully produced electrical signals to generate a highly stimulating sensation.

    When an ElectraStim electro stimulator is connected to specially designed erotic electrodes, such as this electro paddle, the genital areas are stimulated externally or deep inside in a wide variety of ways, adding a new dimension to masturbation, foreplay, or intercourse.


    Increase the impact of every stroke and prolong the tingling warmth of each and every spank when you bring a little electro play magic into your bedroom bondage games. Our ElectraStim ElectraPaddle has been designed with both beginners and professionals in mind, with intensities to suit both casual and expert sadomasochistic tastes. Cool metal contacts and a smooth leather surface offer dual textures as well as an electro sex bite!

    This bi-polar paddle can pack a real punch, so progress with play slowly. Use the soft leather side to gently caress your partner’s buttocks and thighs. Build sensation by gently tapping the leather in short bursts to awaken the nerve endings and when your partner’s ready, switch the paddle around and repeat the warm-up with the metal side. Once they’re used to the sensation of the metal panels against the skin, it’s time to bring the electrosex sensations into place. With practice and communication, electrosex spanking can be a deeply erotic and euphoric experience that will expand the depths of your BDSM play.

    How is the ElectraPaddle Used?

    Plug the bi-polar connectors into your ElectraStim stimulation unit (sold separately) and the metal contacts come to life, conducting an array of teasing and tortuous electric sensations. Lavish the contacts with some electro conductive gel before play and you’ll experience intense stimulation with each and every stroke.

    -Stitched Leather
    -Plated Brass
    -Chrome Plated Steel
    Thickness: 5mm (0.2″)
    Overall Length: 340mm (13.25″)
    Maximum Width: 78mm (3″)
    Handle Width: 38mm (1.5″)
    Handle Length: 100mm (4″)
    Connector Size: 2mm (0.08″)

    Need a tape measure? Click here to download ours! Just cut it out, tape it together and you're good to go!