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  • Skewer CBT Urethral Plug

    EAS XR-AE845


    Test your tolerance with a screwed up tool of tantalizing torment! The Skewer is perfect for solo use, but is also an excellent way for your Master or Mistress to punish you for their own amusement! Use the allen wrench to retract the screws and then slide the ring down your shaft. Secure the ring by then tightening the screws to your comfort level. Once you have replaced the urethral insert, lock it in place with the allen wrench. The plug is hollow so that you can still urinate or ejaculate while you are trapped in this devious device!

    Length: 4″
    Urethral Plug Insertable Length: 3 1/4″
    Ring Around Cock Inner Diameter: 1 1/4″

    Need a tape measure? Click here to download ours! Just cut it out, tape it together and you're good to go!